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Thread: Fly Fishing in Sept

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    Default Fly Fishing in Sept

    I'll be passing through Anchorage on Sept 6th, and returnig for a few day around the middle of the month. What opportunities are there for someone to get a few days of fly fishing in? Would love to fish for some rainbows are if there is still some salmon action. Any recommendations?


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    Default Salmon Option

    If I only had a couple of days to fish in mid-September, my first choice would be to hop on a commercial flight to Kodiak and rent a car. The road system is pretty limited (only about 70 miles), but it will take you to half a dozen small streams which should be stacked with silvers.

    Another option is to rent a car in Anchorage and drive up to Talkeetna. Mahay's offers a drop off service to the mouth of Clear Creek. If the stream's fishable, should be a nice trip for rainbows and dollies.

    Of course Kenai rainbow fishing will be in full swing as well. The middle river is a blast, but you'll need a guide to access the best fishing.

    Good luck,


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    Default sept. fishing

    You might also consider Cordova. a 30 minute flight from ANC, they will have silvers swimming up the water faucets by that time.

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    Default Talkeetna - Sept.

    I operate a guide service out of Talkeetna, Sept. 6 will not be a peak time for trout in the immediate Talkeetna area, our best trout fishing is in the later part of Sept. and Oct. so some of the other options may be in your best interest. Any trips we do that time of year we will travel over 50 miles upriver into the mountains where fall has taken a firm hold. Water temperatures there will have dropped and the trout will also start dropping out of the tributaries.

    Chad Valentine

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    You can drive about 4-5 hours to Valdez. Fly fishing along the (southern) shore for silvers, like fishing a lake. Frequently, the water is clear enough for sight fishing. 5:30-8 am the best. Floating or intermediate line. Egg sucking patterns or bait fish patterns work. 7-8 weight rod (6 weight is fine because of no current).

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    Default BlueMoose

    All great suggestion. If time is limited and expense is a consideration I think your best bet is the Parks Hgwy System. Cordova can be extremly good fishing as well as Valdez, but you willbe hard press to find any Rainbow action.

    Willow, Talkeenta, Chulitna River System, and a couple of more all offer good to above average fishing for Rainbows. You will find Silvers still as side attraction and Late Run Chums in some systems. If you have 3/4 days check out the Upper Gulkana that time of year unfortunately it is a float fishing trip.

    The Kenai also offers choice fishing all can be done from a rental car.

    Tight Lines.

    Blue Moose

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    Default Russian River

    Only an 1 1/2 hour drive from Anchorage. I always enjoy doing a bit of fly fishing down there in September. Red season is typically over, and there arent many, if any, people down there. The Silver action, along with Rainbows and Dollies is always hot. You will have to use wet flies, as your average rainbow and dolly will not be too interested in dry flies with all the salmon eggs in the river, unless you are really lucky, really good, or have a killer pattern. First week in September is a good week to fish too, while hunting season is just kicking off. Just keep an eye out for the bears.

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    geez, sounds like some a da guys I growed uo wit!

    Capt George


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