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Thread: Ski season is upon us...waxless options?

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    Default Ski season is upon us...waxless options?

    Looking for options for BC wax less skis.

    I'm currently using Voss BCs and while waxing isn't a giant chore, I really wonder if in the deep dry Interior cold I get much value from it. I basically use 2 kick waxes and can't tell much difference between them. I pull a pulk pretty frequently.

    I believe I'd prefer something like a Glitterind MGV...

    Any opinions?
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    The glittertind gets glowing reviews- Those cold interior temps make waxing very simple, and anything that can increase glide on that type of snow gets my vote. I am a confirmed waxer, and the only time I sometimes wish for waxless patterns are those times when the temperature is at or above freezing which can make kickwaxing difficult.


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