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Thread: Is this a Grumman Sport Boat?

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    Default Is this a Grumman Sport Boat?

    Looks like one that was made for Browning, no 3 rd seat. Good price if it is a sportboat

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    Not a sport boat, Aerocraft made those canoes with the "Browning" label. The material wasn't as thick as the old Grumms either. Decent little canoes though. They also had a 17 ft. model too.

    I met a fella who ran a caribou up river with a 15 ft. michicraft canoe....lot's of old brands.

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    Default Lowe Boats

    Lowe Boats out of Lebanon Missouri made one too. They called theirs the Lowe Cargo Canoe. Brother in-law has one and it's identical to the Grumman Sports Boat and just as good.


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