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    I've gardened and composted in Michigan for 25+ years and know how composting works there. Currently in Juneau and I use grass cuttings, kitchen waste, straw, etc. for compost. I will be stretching the legs next summer to find my "Nirvana" in the interior and would like to know how you accomplish this.

    What are your local composting recipes? Do you have free or cheap organic mass available to you? What geographical area do you find these ingredients?

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    I've had good luck with composting garden/greenhouse plants & leaves & grass mix.

    Got hooked up with a horse farm a few years & horse manure composted well also.

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    Those are good ingredients. If you can, collect seaweed from thehighest high tide line. This will havebeen rained on and will wash off most of the sea salt. I still like to dunk them in a large tub ofwater just in case. Also if you know or can find someone withhorses, Iím sure they will be more than happy to let you do someshoveling. However if you do us manure,keep in mind that your compost pile might not get hot enough to kill the weedseeds in the manure. Another thing I dois put plastic over the pile in spring to start thawing the pile early. You can scrape a layer off every day and itwill get your pile hotter with plastic then without in the summer.


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