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Thread: Partnr Wanted P.O.W. Island Black Bear hunt June 2014

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    Default Partnr Wanted P.O.W. Island Black Bear hunt June 2014

    I am seriously considering applying for the nonresident drawing to hunt Prince of Whales Island for Black Bear in Early June 2014. I know this sounds far off but I believe non-residents have to apply this November to get the tag. I would like to find a partner that is seeking a similar self-guided adventure and we could plan and hunt together. Would like to go to a remote area, possibly by air but not opposed to water taxi or using my 16 foot cataraft with motor. I am a die hard bowhunter but have nothing against rifle hunters. I would likely look into passing the baiting class and set up a tree stand on a bait station. We could also use the cataraft (in calm seas) to motor along off shore a ways to locate bears on the beaches, then go ashore and sneak back to them on foot.

    I have done many remote self-guided Alaska hunts for deer and caribou, although I've only been to Prince of Whales once which was on a fishing trip with the family. I have all the equipment necessary including a sat phone and bear fence. Most of my hunts have been on Kodiak so I know what it's like to be rained upon day after day which could be the scenario on P.O.W. I am a 47 year old shop teacher from Woodland, California. I stay fit by running year round. I can't take off work to do a hunt so I'd have to fly up immediately after school lets out in early June. I know that is a bit late and the hides may have rubs by then, but I am in it more for the adventure and experience than the trophy.

    I follow all game regulations to the letter of the law and practice fair, ethical hunting and expect the same of my partner. If you are interested in doing a 10 day hunt like this or have any knowledge or helpful suggestions you could share, send me a Private Message.
    Thanks, Brian

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    i hunted pow last june we saw alot of bears and some really big bears . most were rubbed but i got a nice bear with no hair missing . I stayed at calder mt lodge this is a great place really nice staff and top notch equiptment and lodging give them a call .


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