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Thread: Parade of the living dead

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    Default Parade of the living dead

    I thought this might be a good thread title since we are so close to Halloween. Been awhile since I was on here just too busy with life. Ugh!

    Got to do a bit of fishing (finally) earlier this month on the Kenai. Husband and I caught the last of the flood and boy were there a lot of dead and dying salmon being flushed out. We fished for silvers and even caught a few but there was an amazing number of sockeyes and pinks going by with the current. But we also saw a couple of kings float by us. These kings were still alive but obviously on their last fin so to speak. Isn't that pretty late in the year for them? Also caught several pinks that were nowhere close to spawning yet. Was this a late year for salmon into the Kenai or is it normal to see or catch kings and pinks in October?

    Last weekend was hot for Kenai silvers and going back again next weekend. Have fun!

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    We're you hunting the middle river if so did you see many ducks

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    For the better part of October we saw a lot of ducks, especially in the quiet sloughs. They seemed really skittish though, not like in summer when they practically eat out of your hand! Good number of silvers too. Last weekend was great for shiny silvers on the upper river. Imagine that, the best silver fishing this year was at the end of October. Bears are still out in force! Some places like super-highways of tracks.


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