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    I have a quick question for you guys that have trapped a marten or two. What is your preference or should i say the martens preference for lure and Bait? Do you guys use marten boxes or do you make them out of the two nails and branches trick?

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    Marten aren't too particular usually. It seems if they are active in an area, I can generally pick a few off. Duck or grouse guts/carcass makes pretty good bait. A wing hanging in front of the set works as good attractor as well. Some folks have had success using raspberry jam as a bait too, though I've never tried it myself. You could also use fish heads/tails/carcasses as a bait as well, especially if there are fish in the area you trap. As far as lures, generally something with a skunk base if it is most commonly used, though beaver castor based lures and other sweeter smelling ones will work too. However, when temps get really cold the lure with skunk in them seem to carry farther and last longer. I usually use a flower pot and a conibear for most marten sets as it is the fastest way to get a trap out and get back to moving down the trail. I'm not an expert, but I do catch enough marten each year to help offset my trapping costs.


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