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    I'm new to hunting for small game such as Ptarmagin and Grouse and was wondering if there were any areas to hunt for them right now. I would prefer the Anchorage area, but am willing to travel as far as Fairbanks. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    There are plenty of ptarmigan in the high country around Anchorage and all up through the Mat/Su area, as well as down on the Kenai peninsula and beyond. Ptarmigan occupy most of Alaska. Your problem might be getting around in very deep snow. The interior region is a bit easier 'cause we don't get as much snow and because we have accessible numbers of both willow and rock ptarmigan. The rock ptarmigan can be easier because they inhabit higher, more barren slopes where the wind either blows the snow away or freezes it hard so man and dog can get along on top. Snowshoes are a must.

    I'll let others chime in and we'll go from there. But you checked in here at the right place. Come back often and let us know of your adventures and success.




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