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    Has any one been out to Tatitlek? Is there a harbor or boat dock? How about a place to stay for a night or two?

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    I know they do have a dock, I don't believe they have a harbor per-say. There is a web cam. it shows the dock.
    I'm not sure about a place to stay.

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    Default no services

    I don't have my PWS cruising guide handy, but I believe it says that there are no services there. We cruised by Tatitlek a couple of springs ago on the way over to Cordova, but did not stop. I would guess, in a pinch and for a price you could get fuel in an emergency, though.
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    The dock you see on the webcam is the ferry dock for the whistle stop...rarely used. I've never seen private boats tied to it. As far as out front of the village, about your only option is to anchor and watch for rocks coming in...amazing how many you see @ low tide. There is current legislation trying to fund the installation of permanent moorings in Tatitlek, so there may be some in the future, but more than likely they will be used for local fishing boats.
    I don't believe there are services offered in the village. We've walked over to use their pay phone back in the old days (pre-cellular) and the people were friendly. But I've heard that when people have stopped in for fuel/groceries/lodging they were turned away. I'd call the village to find out for sure...907-325-2311.
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    Exclamation Ellamar

    I am the new owner of the old Gary Pahl hunting facality on Virgin Bay in Ellamar. I am trying desperatly to get current photos of the main lodge building. Mr. Pahl passed away from surgical complications a few years back and noone has been there since. We are aware that its in pretty bad shape but are trying to get material orders in place to get it cleaned back up and reoperational early this spring.

    If anyone can help we would be greatly appreciative.

    The lodge we are speaking of is Emerald Cove the large 3 Story Lodge with Cabins next to it. It has a tall bell tower and is apparently missing doors..

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    Mr Ken Larson has a lodge in the area he maybe able to answer your questions. Go to his web site and call his cell phone.

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    Thanks!! I'll give him a shout tomarrow.

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    They also have a really nice church. So, if they don't have what you want, you can pray for it in comfort.


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