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    I went out on a trail for grouse today, and luckiley I decided to bring a couple duck loads in my pocket(2 3/4in 1 1/8oz #2) and I grouse hint with 1 1/8 #7 steel. Found a lack I didn't know existed and it was open! It was good sized with about 25-30 birds on it. It had no ice, but I shot a goldeneye hen running on the water then a Bufflehead hen and of course I missed the full plumaged drake with my 3rd and last duck load. But I was happy , so I sat down and let the wind bring in my birds. In all it was a good day.

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    It's always fun to run into places like that. Good thing you brought steel!!

    Haha after the first two go down, I think my head is so far off the stock in anticipation for the third one to fall that I can understand when I miss my last shot.


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