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Thread: Lower Skilak

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    Default Lower Skilak

    Is the outlet of Skilak lake accessible by foot from the lower boat launch? And if so, during normal water levels, how far can a person fish?

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    you can walk to the outlet of skilak from the lower boat launch, but the river is so big at that point that i don't think fishing from shore would be real productive. i fish that area a lot in the fall, but have never seen anyone try to fish it from shore... there are gravel bars you can wade onto and fish from productively when the water is low, but i'm not sure whether or not you can get to them w/o a boat. i suppose you could walk the bank for quite a ways downriver, but it'd be quite a hike.

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    Yes, is your the short answer. But it is not an easy walk, i have made it once myself. I use my boat now, it is way easier. I would try a different spot if i were you. Either way good luck on the water.


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