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Thread: Packrafting for 'Bou

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    Default Packrafting for 'Bou

    Had a great float this year while working out the final design of the PR-49. Lots of miles in this new packraft.

    My packweight was about 80 lbs with 10 days of food and all the gear needed for a comfortable camplife when hunting caribou.

    Saw some beautiful landscapes and thought I'd share a youtube video with you all.

    if you want to catch up on the field trials we put this raft through this season, check out the comments and pics on PV site:

    Happy to chat about gear we used or any other questions here, but don't want to step on the threshold for commercial aps allowed on this forum. Just thought you'd enjoy the video now that winter is setting in up north!


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    Default Packrafting for 'Bou

    Lookin good bro. I'll be gettin with you this spring on a pack raft of sorts. Post up availability over on the PV.
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    Sweet Video Larry!!! That's the first Pinkin Lark song I've ever liked! Don't tell anyone. I really appreciate how much info you have been pouring into this forum. You are a huge contributor of first hand knowledge! Love the 'bou, too!


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