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Thread: 8 hp Spirit outboard

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    Default 8 hp Spirit outboard

    Anyone know something about these? I picked one up at the boatyard I work at, not much to go on but I think they were made by Suzuki in the 80's? I was planning on using it as a kicker on my skiff. It appears to be in great shape, just covered in years of shelf dust. Found a tag that says "Made In Japan" that's about it. Thanks!

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    I have a 2 hp Spirit. It is a sweet little motor. Outperformed a 5 hp Eska.

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    Thanks, will clean it up and report back on if it runs!

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    I have a 25hp Spirit that was made in the 80's. Works great.
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    My dad has a 20 and a 40. The 20 needs a carb rebuild and the 40 needs a water pump. I doubt either one will run again, we used to use them commercial fishing.
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