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Thread: How many are left.

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    Default How many are left.

    I was wondering if anyone knows if it's worth a trip to the cottonwood creek area. Are there still birds? Don't mind the walking as I know it's slim picking now. I just don't have the gear to get anywhere else, as I'm still young. I did pretty well early inn the year. Now at a total of 40 ducks and 2 sea ducks. Just hoping to get a few northern green heads if I can but really any birds will make me happy. Would it be worth the trip? If not where should I go? I haven't ever hunted late season I this state.
    Thanks in advance!!

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    You could walk RS or CWC as mentioned and maybe jump a few greenheads. You also could walk Jims Creek starting at the knick river or along the backwaters down there for some hanging around. I would park down by the river bridge and walk back toward DL or up along the river..might grab a rabbit or two and pick up some birds flying the river system...who knows..
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    There isn't much left thats for darn sure!


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