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Thread: Anyone been out to Bold Airstrip lately

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    Default Anyone been out to Bold Airstrip lately

    Hello All,Interested in checking out Bold Airstip, potentially to get out and hike around. Was wondering any tips, local knowledge, or hazards. With winter just around the corner, may have to wait for skis to come on. But was wondering how the gravel is. Other than looking on Google Earth and the AK Directory, anyone have any additional information.Appreciate the tips, I know it's a pretty non specific post, just looking for info. Flyiing '57 C182 or PA18.Thanks!!

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    Have not been in this year .... but have been there many times with a C-172 and also my currently owned C-180.

    Have not been there in the last two years but, I pick a day like today, not much wind and always land over the trees down hill heading for the lake. Rocks are slightly big, be careful, although I do not think I ever dinged my horzontal stab on landing, wheel landing keep the tail high. Last time I was there made an entry in the state parks log book they keep up at the picnic table porta potty end away from the lake. Always launch down hill, get rolling first before you punch it, I think you have 1500 ft and then out over the lake, a bit like a carrier take off, if you use your imaganiation. nice place to spend a few hours, watch out for people and on some days 4-wheelers.


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