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    What is the going price for beat up but functional original Winchester 71 in your neighborhood? NRA good +, bluing worn, stock ugly as sin, important stuff 85% or better. Figure on replacing buttstock if I can find replacement, any input, thoughts much appreciated. Oh yeah, I need it like a hole the head, but it is a 71! Don't tell me to check the auction sites, already did. This one has no holes drilled in it, but it has been ridden hard and put away wet (figuratively... bluing worn, scratched, but no serious pitting I can see from pics and seller is good guy) Thanks.

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    Default model 71

    I saw one that was in possibly slightly better condition than what you describe at the gun show in Fairbanks last weekend. It desperately needed cleaned to determine the condition of the bore, but the action was reasonably tight and the stock was good but worn. Bluing was also severely worn, but no pitting or rust. The was asking $895, which probably wasn't unreasonable if the bore was in 1/2 way decent condition. I would have loved to buy it, but I already spent my toy budget for the spring.

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    Default 71

    Thanks! But keep this toy budget thing on the down low, I don't want wifey to hear such talk.

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    Default Win 71

    Well, the gun you're looking at is likely not an especially valuable collectible but may be a very, very good user. As far as lever guns go the Win 71, in my opinion, was one of the finest ever designed and built for large cartridges.
    Now to value. In guessing such things no one ever wins. And the messenger is usually shot But... a few things I use to guide such decisions. If it is pre-war (has the long tang)- add some value. If it is the deluxe model (has factory checkering)- add some value. If it is the carbine (20" barrel)- add some value. If it still has the bolt peep attached- add some value. The primary decision for me would be based on the bore and action condition. If both of those look good then the range of prices I've seen, given the conditon you describe, would be about 500 on the low and 1000 on the high. The biggest downside to the .348 is lack of bullet choices but there are a few out there. Good luck

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    Default 71

    Bore is excellent, action tight. Receiver bluing gone from hand carry, scabbard wear on barrel bluing, forearm wood great, buttstock broken and glued (horse fell on or some such thing, broken at wrist) screws good, not buggered, buttplate good. Unless somebody tells me different in next few days, gonna buy it for $780!


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