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Thread: Late April King salmon - Homer or Seward?

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    Default Late April King salmon - Homer or Seward?

    I'm in Anchorage on a temporary job assignment until May 1 and I'd like to do some Chinook (king) salmon fishing before I leave. Most folks on the Kenai don't start until May 1. That won't work for me. I am targeting April 28 as the only day I have available.

    My options seem to be either Homer or Seward. Homer is known for it's winter Chinook fishing but it's also a five-hour drive from Anchorage. Seward is much closer but the winter Chinook fishing does not have the same reputation as Homer. There are only a couple outfits that target winter Chinook out of Seward, which tells me the fishing might be difficult. On the other hand, Homer has lots of winter Chinook charters.

    Any advice on which to go for? I don't have much time to make a decision. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Homer

    Homer, its actually much closer to a 4 hour drive, lots of feeders and ALWAYS the chance of some of the first spawners, check out of deep creek, launch opens on Saturday!

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    Homer for sure
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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