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Thread: V-Max .224 50gr.?

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    Default V-Max .224 50gr.?

    Anybody have any experience with these on larger varmints like coyotes? My 22-250 Encore bbl likes these with a generous helping of Benchmark. I know they'll do the job on chucks and I also know what 50 gr. sx's do to woodchucks from a 222 Rem. How quick will the V-Max expand? Pelt damage etc.? Where I'll be shooting is fairly populated and I don't want anything too solid that will ricochete, so tsx's are out. Would the sp's be better for larger varmints? Opinions welcome.

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    That's the only bullet I use for fox/coyotes in my 223 and 22-250 down here in ND. Little tough on fox but a great bullet on song dogs with a good body hit. Love it...

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    I have killed a PILE of coyotes with that bullet. don't be affraid of the 40gr either. one thing that does lack is the resistance to wind.....that they don't have.

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    Thanks guys. That's what I was hoping to hear, not tails of offside holes the size of a fist. I'll probably be taking this rifle to SD with me so I can have something to do before 10 AM when pheasant hunting. I've seen numerous song dogs in the area I hunt, and one of the conservation officers I talked to told me about the coyote roundups he and some of the local ranchers have. Their motto, Kill a Coyote, Save a Calf. Thought I might just do my part.


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