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Thread: Rabbit slough.

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    Default Rabbit slough.

    Iam willing to bet that whoever the jack wagon is that continues throwing duck remains in dead water around the launch and on shore, does NOT have a duck dog. There is rotten chunks of left over ducks all over the place, please stop! I don't think you would appreciate my 100lb lab redelivering those ducks to your house/vehicle/boat in liquid form. Thanks

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    Probably the same low IQ individuals that clean their salmon at the boat ramp on Mud Lake and toss the spines and guts into the lake right were you launch a boat. Its a lake you big dummy, there is no current to take it away. By the duck opener there are stacks of spines to launch your boat through or have your dog roll in. The only good thing about closing the silver season early this year.

    I wonder if they are following federal law and leaving a feathered wing on the breasts until they get home. I doubt it.


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