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Thread: Anyone been deer hunting in Southeast latey

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    Default Anyone been deer hunting in Southeast latey

    Getting more excited for my trip over to POW next month with the fresh snow on all the hills here in Wrangell. Anyone been out any place?

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    Anyone been out any place?
    Yup, but not POW (regrettably). Deer are starting to move, the snow is creeping down the mountains around here too. Saw one yesterday - he's hanging in the shed. LOTS of fat on the back and sides - neck was starting to puff up a bit. Does and fawns that I have seen are also looking healthy. Good luck

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    I was in POW last week hunting deer 4 days. I called in 5 does but disn't see any bucks. Loved it. Sneaking and calling with my Hawken gun. My host told me it would get better the end of October after the fawns are weaned and the bucks begin their chase phase of the early rut. It sounds like your timing will be better than mine. I heard a couple hunters took bucks up high. I didn't hunt high enough but had fun in any event. Will hope to go again in a year or two. Wonderful rugged country. Good luck!

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    Things should start picking up pretty soon. It's getting colder and the snow should push them down a bit.

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    Two bucks by the airport this afternoon Aaron
    Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you

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    Hahaha. I think I will let them live. I have been wondering if they were still around. Seen lots of does there but no bucks.


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