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    Greetings everyone from Montana. I just recently bought a Zeiss 85t with the 20x75 eyepiece spotting scope. I was wondering if anyone here can tell me what a good tripod is. I have read several forums here and everyone has one they like best. I have looked at a few Slik and Velbon ones on the internet and not sure what to get. I would like to keep it under 20" so it would fit in my backpack and that it is lightweight. I would to hear what everyone would recommend and if I need any special adaptor's with it. I would like to buy a package that has the head and tripod together for this first time. I do have one of Zeiss aluminum tripods and it is to big and heavy to pack. Dan

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    I am very happy with the Outdoorsman's tripod. See here:

    Mine has held up well to hard usage in the field. I can endorse in good faith.
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    You have a fairly heavy scope, so make sure you get a tripod that will support it, if you don't the movement caused by wind will cancel out the effectiveness of your fine scope.

    I use a Gitzo Carbon Fiber Tripod G1028 with a Manfrotto head.

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