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Thread: A good dog!

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    Lightbulb A good dog!

    I was prompted to post this after seeing another mauling here in AK.
    I totally believe in my dogs, (Karelian Bear Dogs). They are great companions and good general purpose hunting dogs.
    I do know where there are some pups available...
    Please note that I AM NOT selling these, trading these or anything.
    I am just posting info that if you are considering getting a protection dog, I know where some dogs are available who are bred and trained for huting and especially bear/moose protection.
    If you want to know more just contact me..
    I HIGHLY recommend these dogs. I live remote most of the year and I depend on my dogs daily...
    It is a truly great breed and they will keep you safe while out hiking/camping etc..
    My male stood guard while I was skinning my black bear this summer. It sure took a lot of the stress off, so I could focus on getting the job done. We have a particular little brown bear sow that habitates the area and I didn't want to lose my bear to her.... and we didn't!!!
    Look them up on youtube.. they have some great video!!


    P.s.. I can send recent pics as well

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    Looks like and offshoot of an akita.
    Semper Fi and God Bless

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