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Thread: Combo Hunts / Trophy Hunts & your Thoughts

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    Default Combo Hunts / Trophy Hunts & your Thoughts

    Thought I would open this subect up with the Float Hunting Forum Members to seek additional opinions. Over the past few years I have had several questions put to me concerning Float Hunting and what options are available for Combo Hunts "mostly people seeking Moose/Bou and Trophy type animal hunts i.e Moose over 60 Plus inches.

    My standard answer is yes there are options for Combo Hunts however in my opinion most hunts are better off left to hunting one species and ensure you have a quality hunt. Again IMO anything after that is a Bonus and although there are ample locations to try a Combo hunt attempting to accomplish different style of hunts lesson your overall chances for your primary harvest hunt. Things like weather condtions, water levels, migration routes and overall hunting pressure can be obstalces no matter how much effort and or home work you put into your hunt plan.

    My standard answer for clients or potential clients who ask about Trophy hunts is as follows. Yes there are some areas that I assist people in choosing that may have a better chance of harvesting better animals however there are no guarenty's that one will present it-self to you on any given hunt. As always there are way too many factors associated with someones hunting ability, condition and effort on any given hunt and you couple that with potential hunting pressure within the state most common use areas are not what one would call "Best Option". I normally provide those clients with the names of a couple of Hunt Planners who may have additional insight /options fro less utilized areas.

    Just food for thought. Hopefully some of the forum members will chime in with their personal opinions as well as Mike and Larry. Great time to share thoughts and data.


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    We have this type of question come up every year and I agree with you that 1 species needs to be the focus and the second species is just that.

    What we do depending on the Tag is we wrap our Moose hunts around the close of Moose hunting-Sept. 20 and then spend 5 days working caribou. The think that is important is that we set them up on a river that offers good chances of seeing good numbers of both species. We have 2 very good Moose rivers that we like to get our moose hunters into because of the high chances of seeing lots of Bulls but neither offer good caribou hunting until later in Sept. because they are in the southern part of our unit. I am sure some of your guys know exactly what drainages I am talking about.

    If you are set on bagging both a moose and a big Bou make the Moose the primary and the Bou as the fall back species. Unit 23 has good moose hunting and the Bou are a no brainer.

    Now the next question...What about the Tri-fecta, Moose, Bou and Griz? We have had one of those a few years back but the moose was the primary!

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