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    might be going to dillingham for 3 weeks in june for work was wondering what kind of fishing there might be to do on my off time. As far as I know I wont have access to a boat. What are my options. appreciate any help

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    Pretty limited without a boat. If you have a vehicle you can fish the Wood River. You can fish reds/rainbows on the Wood if you can get there.


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    Unfortunately, despite the fact that Dillingham is in the middle of all that is good about fishing Alaska...big jetboats and floatplanes are the most common way to access it. There is some fishing as mentioned at the top of the wood river to the right of the boatlanding to Lake Alegnagik and just the drive there is really can catch a decent number of char....line some reds (and I mean REDS) and maybe a grayling or bow if there's one in the mix. But I've heard it can be good. I spent my first year and a half without a boat here....ick. But, there is enough for a diversion for ya, or make a buddy (we've nearly all got boats). Just below the landing there are a few lakes right on the road that have some pike in them...and decent hiking to get around them, its easier with a canoe but you can hook up most times you go, and some of em are decent.

    Another fun thing is to drive snake lake road and hike up the mountain...great views and you won't ahve to look for a parking spot or get in line with 197 patagonia clad anchoragites like flattop. It's maybe a 3/4 mile hike and very open....leave the heat at worries. But bring your binocs, ya never know what you might see from up there.

    Enjoy, pm me if you need specifics as the time gets closer.

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    Thumbs up worlds largest king run just up river

    geoff156,you will be a short flt from dill to some of if not the best king fishing the state has to offer on the nushagak,pen air has daily flts to and from dill/portage creek.portage creek is the hub and we live here yr round (my wife and i)population 2,we run a do it yourself boat rental and camping operation and have for 15 yrs.prices are as cheap as they get.there are also many guided camps along the one can have the choice of champane and cavior or coke and can e me a pm or call through my website and would be more then glad to give you the scoop.also one could get it touch with a number of guides that do great on rainbows on the upper part of the river but kinda gets spendie.


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