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Thread: goose tips? any helps

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    today and yesterday morning tell about 2pm bolth days yesterday as i was walking out after seeing nothing never seen nothing seen a fair group of geese in the very far distance and droped down and pulled out a canadian silouete flag and called lightly turned rite in took about 3 mins from were i first seen them but had nothing but a flag and a call got them to about 50 ft and 10 ft off the ground jumped so they would fan and shot missed on bolth shots!! bumbed turned around saw a group of prob 100 whent home thinking i needed heavier loads. went out early this morning was pretty cold every thing had prob 3/4in of ice on the puddles lots of crapy walking with 2 full body goose decoys 3 mallard decoys and my flag broke up a puddle set the ducks out set up a log blind and had a goose on each side of me in very short grass nothing tell about 12:30 first i heard them couldnt see them then there they were way to high to bother but probly 500 canadains most ive seen out hunting decided to try calling watch there response and saw a glimps in the sun of to the side it was 12 or so snow geese once again very low and about 75 ft away decided to try nothing! and was useing bb decided to go home i was pretty cold puddle froze back up around my ducks even in direct sun. saw a group of prob 30 ducks cooking way away so im lost on the cold days is early morning not the time this is my second year know not a single sole who duck or goose hunts so im learning on my own any thing helps

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    Well being where the geese are is the first thing, but scouting is everything. If you already located them, you have the hardest part done, and the part most people will never figure out. I like to set my decoys in a large V shape with the birds landing in the open end of the V. Make sure you hide well, they are VERY gun-shy in the areas you can hunt them around here. Your probably going to need more than 2 decoys!!

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    that was my thought more decoys that is i have a total of six gesse just alot to carry with everything else want a bunch of silouete decoys to go with them the group of canadians i had come in yesterday im sure were landing they foot down and gunna drop i jumped the gun closest i ever called geese called some swans they love a goose call and look sweet flying 5 ft over your head pretty birds that one i blame on myself for some reason from what i see ppl hitting birds at in distance is further by far often times then either group was im shooting a rem 887 3 1/2 camo waterfowl model choke says over decoys .006 may that b way too open


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