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Thread: kennicott/McCarthy fishing?

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    Default kennicott/McCarthy fishing?

    A couple of my friends and I are going to the Kennicott mines this weekend. Does anyone know of any good fishing along the way (any kind of fish will do). Thanks for any advice.

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    Silver Lake, just past the bridge a little way, private launch and camping, the guy wants money but he will rent you a boat, with motor so that is cool. Some public access, but you can only be shown the area, as I cannot describe to you the way to the water and it is a fair walk around the lake. Large Rainbows

    Strelna Lake and Creek, short walk, best fished with a canoe or belly boat. Grayling and Mediocre Rainbows

    Couple of unnamed lakes near McCarthy, you will see them from the road, short hike. Grayling

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    Default Dipnet

    You can also dipnet in the Copper River at Chitna on your way.

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    Thanks guys, I will definitely try the rainbow and grayling fishing, and maybe even try my hand a dipnetting if i have the time.


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