Been a great fall for my family, good living to say the least. Last weekend the misses made up a few loaves of Banana Bread and a throwback from my childhood was apple butter on top so Sunday I set out to make a batch between fillets smoking and a cleaning up a skull.

16 Gala red apples( or any for that matter)
4 cups white sugar, you can start with less and adjust to taste.
2 tsp cinnamon, adjust to taste.

Peel, cord and seed the apples.
Chop 'em up into small chunks and toss in a crock pot. Pour the sugar, cinnamon and salt in and mix well.

Turn the slow cooker to high for 1 hour the down to low for 10 hours, stir occasionally.

I used a blender to purée the apple into a smooth spread, 4 cups at a time. If you use a blender don't cap the lid, it's under pressure with hot apple.

I canned mine with a boiling water bath @ 10 minutes on a light rolling boil.

Came out great!