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Thread: Black Bear Encounter

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    Default Black Bear Encounter

    With all the talk lately of bears coming out I figured I would post my bear encounter this weekend. I took the family down to the Seward Hiqhway for some sight seeing and we decided to stop at one of the parking areas that had some scenic views and trails. We mostly stayed in the areas that had paved sidewalks and little look out points. The kids wanted to walk on the dirt trails so we decided to take them on a short walk. We walked about 25 yards on the trail and noticed a park bench that looked like a good spot to stop and turn around. I had my 3 year old in my hand and we headed towards the bench which was slightly up hill. I heard something in the brush and didn't think much of it because another large group of hikers had just come from that direction. Needless to say when we reached the bench I looked about 15 yards to the right and there was a sow in the brush with a cub behind her. My wife thought i was joking but soon realized i was serious. Instinct took over for my wife and she grabbed my son and headed for the road. I tried to slow her down but it wasn't working. Long story short I slowly backed away and headed back to the trail head without incident. With the exception of a couple scared kids we were all ok.
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    Talking Beautiful!!

    Seeing those bears out and about really gets me excited. Can't wait to start seeing them up here in Fairbanks!


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    Default Bears are out

    Yep, they are there. Just because most don't see a bear when out and about doesn't mean they are not there. I have sat on a hillside and watched people walk within feet of a bear that was laying right off the trail waiting for them to pass so it could sneak away from them. Not one of the 7 people knew there was a bear anywhere near them, and were actually complaining about hiking for miles and not seeing one. Only when I pointed the bear in a clearing walking away from the trail did any of them believe me.

    You can talk and talk to your wife about bear safety and the firm rule against running if you see one, but if she is like mine, you may as well shoot the starting gun, because she will be away in a flash and leaving you there with jaw agape.

    Good pictures, and 'tis the season!!!!
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