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Thread: Found puffy pants locally

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    Default Found puffy pants locally

    Not affiliated with the store at all and only go into it about once a year when I am over that way mainly because they never seem to have what I am loking for or their prices in the past were way higher than I was willing to pay. Anyway I found Browning Primaloft pants at Chimo's today when I was walking through as well as Browning primaloft jackets with removable sleeves. I figured I would pass it on and let everyone else know because finding puffy pants and jackets at a good price isn't that easy or cheap once shipping is included. Unless I read it wrong the pants were $89 and the jackets were $99.

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    Mack's in Kodiak carries them as well. Seem like quality primaloft pants for the price really. Not fully side zip but do come up to the knee which is helpful for getting them on/off without removing footwear. If I didn't already have some primaloft pants I would look at them pretty hard.


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