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    Hi, new to this forum.
    i would really like to start freshwater kayaking, but i have never done it before.
    basically what do i need and how much do you think it will cost me?
    i know i obviously need a kayak, a life jacket etc, but what else would you say is essential?
    any help is greatly appreciated.
    thanks, Jad.

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    Hey Jad, welcome. A great way to get started is in the wintertime, in the pool. We have Palmer Pool starting in November and will go till spring. There you can learn a solid eskimo roll, good paddle strokes, and you will see plenty of other kayakers to talk to, or make plans with.
    As far as gear, try Susitna Sled and Kayak, they have alot of different types of kayaks for sale, and they carry a wide range of gear. The advantage there is you can ask questions about everything you see.

    What a great sport, you will love it if you put your time in before getting too far ahead of yourself.

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    Hi Jad,
    I've got a kayak that I've been trying to sell for about a year. It is a Dagger Mamba 8.5. I used it a few times while I was raft guiding on the Nenana River and haven't used it since 2010. I would sell the kayak, skirt and paddle for $600. If you or anyone else is interested in this boat, please let me know. Sorry for hijacking this thread.


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