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    Well I finally see birds moving. Yesterday morning on the way home I saw about 500 geese flying high headed for the pass and the day before saw a nice flock of greenheads sitting on a flooded field. Time to get out there!


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    Yes! cant wait to use my new shotty

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    Not sure where you have been but I have been seeing birds and killing them for the last two weeks.Saw more birds around the 1st and 2ed ( ducks , some geese) Right around oct 5 give or take a day there were 300 plus snow geese moving though, long gone the next day. Some canadas and specks. The last week I've seen the most geese to date I even picked up one but will save that for another post. killed a couple of cans the last weekend out. I will say that calling didn't seem to helpfull and did the best just sitting and jerking my cord LOL that's what we call it now. It also seemed that the ducks would be hot in one area one day then not so hot the next I had to move to the X a few times. However if it was windy it seemed slow and steady where ever I set up. Also saw the most swans at one time before I broke camp on sunday but we can't shoot swans and I have a cool story about a swan you can read on the swan thread. Good luck all, some of you will need it


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