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    Anybody using this for bear/moose/caribou up there? Are you handloading for it and if so what bullet performance are you using and what kind of expansion are you getting.

    Have one, love it, haven't shot anything but paper with it yet.

    It will keep 2-2.5" groups at 100 yards off the sandbags with factory ammo (200gr Winchester's).

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    Since this is the handgun forum, your barrel must be about 14". If so the velocity of this one is about 2200 fps and expansion is pretty fast. With the 220 grian flat point it is a little better. I think Winchester still loads the Hornady 220 griin flat point bullet, if they are, it is a little better performer. The problem with both these lighter bullets is over expansion, for close in shots, and penetration suffers. I've always handloaded the 235 grain Speer bullet which expands less and gets deeper. If you handload, you could use any bullet you want and improve it's performance a lot.

    The old 38-55 with a 255 grain at 1550 fps was a slayer of great beasts.
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