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Thread: Hunting talkeetna

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    Default Hunting talkeetna

    Looking to put together a grouse/ptarmigan hunt in Talkeetna. Has anybody heard about the hunting in that area?

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    Not many ptarmigan close to Talkeetna, that I have seen. I have seen some around alpine in winter though. The grouse population seems okay. At least until the owls move in. They have really hurt my herd...
    The grouse population seems good on the spur road and off the side roads. There is a no "shooting" ordnance near town, but there are plenty of roads with few cabins and I doubt there would be a problem outside of town.... There are a lot of people still up here from down south that don't like meat eaters but they will be gone soon with these temps....
    I used to see quite a few grouse in Casewell as well, just driving the roads. Take extra gas tho.. it's a pretty big place and people have gotten lost back in there for days(on the roads!)...




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