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Thread: Kodiak Bear bear bait spot!

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    Default Kodiak Bear bear bait spot!

    Newsminer article:

    Might be a good spot if you are able to hunt the area.
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    That might be Native Land there tho,...(Leisnoi Corp.) probably worth making sure, if you are hunting a road system tag

    that's going to be an obvious "Check his access permit," ,...Killsite

    you probably can buy permit from them for Brown Bear, not cheap,...but just a heads up,...
    I Sure thought about that for a bit, myself, I think those access permits are up over a grand tho,

    I'll bet there are going to be some Big Ole Boys, dukin' it out over that pile of, "Warmth for the Winter Sleep"
    I may have to get the camera out there
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    Got some family pictures with the whale tonight .There are certainly some bigger tracks around there but there have been so many people checking out that whale that I'm pretty certain anything worth shooting won't come out until well after dark. I think there are a fair amount of people looking into hunting around that whale to the point I know I won't spend any time waiting for a bear. Too many people. Cool whale though!


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