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Thread: Anyone float or Hunt the Cuttler River? (upper Noatak)

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    Default Anyone float or Hunt the Cuttler River? (upper Noatak)

    This should be a question that I answer but to tell the truth I have not been on the Cuttler River or sent any hunt groups up there. A prospective client expressed some interest and I be darned if I can give any advice? I have some friends up in Ambler that tell me that animals that cross Onion Portage come out of the Cuttler early each fall but that is all I can find out.

    If any of you guys out there have any experience up inthat drainage shoot me a PM or just add to the thread.


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    yep, what would you like to know, Walt?

    The cutler is a rather shallow class I stream with good flow most years in august...but some shallow stretches.

    caribou move through there on most august periods starting about mid august through late september.

    Good char fishing as well.


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    I have a client who has asked about the Moose and Caribou in the Cuttler. I Have been on the Nimmi but never on the Cuttler and can't give good advise. I expect the Cuttler funnels bou down to Ambler AK on the Kobuk but don't know. How long of a float and how high up can you get with a 206? Is the country brushy and booth worthy or not. Anything else would also be helpful.

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    i've been up the Cutler about 28 miles. gravel landings in a 206 need about 1000 feet. depends on the pilot of course, but there are plenty of areas to land on average flow years. Caribou have been unpredictable in recent years on the upper noatak. some drainages have lots, others not so many, then a swap in action some weeks. Best to stay flexible and have the pilot drop your group on whichever river has bou moving through that week. Having a GPS with topos prevents mpas on hard copy issues if you change locales mid flight.


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    Thanks Larry.

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