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    I'm looking for a person with experience, boat, etc. with or without your own DM636 drawing permit for Central Tanana Flats across from Fairbanks. I'm available as of Monday. Hunt closes Nov. 15th 2012. I have a small jet boat (14' jon with Evinrude 25 jet) might be good for smaller drainiges. Anyone know if I can run up Clear Crk? This jonboat is like an airboat for depth. Can't do beaver ponds though. TY

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    Clear Creek should be doable in your boat, depending on the current water levels. However, be aware that it is fairly narrow with some very blind corners. If you do go up there be careful and stop and listen for other boats every so often. Kind of a spooky place to be if you can imagine meeting another much larger boat going the other way as you. Results of a meeting like that could be ugly.

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    Thanks for the info. It's just a drawing hunt so not as bad for boat traffic as regular season.

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    Sound like a good setup for Clear Creek to me, Riverlover. I was up there for the DM635 hunt third week of September. I recommend taking along some screws so you can climb up in the spruce trees and look around. That same advice goes for Salchacket Slough and along the Tanana as there are some nice trees you can get up along there that overlook some decent opening. Of the three cows I saw over 4 days none had calves with them but I still didn't take shots that I could have on two of them because I waited to make sure they didn't have calves and by the time I was sure, they did not present shots. Absolutely worth it to be sure and not make a mistake and I felt good that I was seeing some animals. The cow that I did end up shooting was hanging with a bull and was the only cow with him. If you find an area where the rut is still happening.....or a cow that for whatever reason didn't get bred during the first might get lucky and find a cow hanging with a bull. I don't know for sure that I saw those animals because I'd thrown an occasional bull call but it might have been the case. I do know that they came to me, and that waiting in a tree I had climbed up was how I saw them. Anyway, it's a beautiful area on the Tanana, in Clear Creek and on the Salchacket so enjoy yourself and be safe. Sorry i can't go in there with you myself but I'm going to focus on ducks as long as I can. I wouldn't be surprised if you find someone on here that has experience and would like to go. In case you don't and if you are considering it, the hunt is doable solo as that's what I did after my partners had last minute things come up. Of course it sure is a LOT of work. My cow was about 1/3 mile from the water and having block and tackle to move her around makes the butchering much more doable. it took me quite a while to get her out of there. I think all told about 26 hours....not counting a two hour nap I took under a spruce tree waiting for the sun to come up again at one point (that was a cold nap!) but I am slow at field dressing. The hardest part for me was the butchering actually. Once I had everything in game bags it was just a matter of gutting it out and making enough loads as the hindquarters etc. of a cow are pretty manageable on a frame pack. Let us know how the hunt goes.


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