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Thread: Linebaugh Seminar???

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    Default Linebaugh Seminar???

    Posted this in the handguns section too, but wanted to make sure folks saw and could express interest or not. I'm on the fence since his seminar is a good excuse to head to Cody, WY,mwhich I haven't visited in years.

    Have spoken to John Linebaugh about doing one of his big bore handgun / penetration / shooting seminars here in Alaska a few times now. Sounds like folks have talked about trying to get one set in Alaska for many years now and just not enough interest. It's been a few years, so thought I would throw out the question--who would be interested in a weekend seminar of big bore custom revolvers, hand loading and a bunch of shooting with Linebaugh himself? Likely a two day seminar with a lot of range time, and most likely around Anchortown and spring time just before the sportsmans show.

    He has no plans to do it yet, just trying to gauge interest and see if folks are interested enough to get him here. Seminar is upwards of a couple hundred dollars and we would need several dozen of us to make it work.

    Please share thoughts/interest.
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    I'd be in if John was interested in coming up to perhaps Delta...or Nenana, or Kenny lake...or even Fairbanks. Otherwise, I'd rather drive to Wyoming than drive to LosAnchorage.
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    I'd go to a Linebaugh seminar if it was in Alaska! I've been reading about them for years.


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