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Thread: anyone shooting the Winchester XP3

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    Default anyone shooting the Winchester XP3

    Am tempted to try in the .325WSM. Curious of any in-the-field results.
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    I've tried them- my rifle didn't like them. I suspect the coating (Lubalox, moly, whatever it is) and hard a hard time getting it out of the bore.

    I'm intrigued by the bullet design though.
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    They are very similar to the Barnes MRX bullet that has been discontinued. Fortunately I stocked up on the 225 gr. for my 338 win mag. I have used them on grizzly bear and moose and they perform excellent. I only recovered one bullet after it traveled from front shoulder to opposite side rear leg. Found a perfectly mushroomed bullet just under the skin after traveling completely through the bear. If winchester offered them as a component I would not hesitate to load them.

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    The XP3 is the new Failsafe for Winchester. The big difference between them is this bullet opens up quicker but stays together like a Failsafe and they addeda tip to improve ballistics. The Failsafes worked very well on large moose and bears in my experience. Have only recovered on though. It was on the opposite side of a large bull moose just under the hide. It was a perfect mushroom. As for the coating, I have never had an issue cleaning it out of the bore and the coating seems to all but eliminate copper fouling. I shoot all the Winchester premium lines, Ballsitic Silvertips, XP3 and the Accubond CT, all are coated and all have preformed very well, however every rifle is different and your results may vary.

    Good Luck!
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    One of the guys that works in the Nosler SPS made an "under his breath" comment that there had been "some" complaints about the lubalox coating fouling being the devil to get out but who knows ? whoever complained could have been using Hoppe's #9 for all I know ..... I used to used the Ballistic Silvertips (pre- Accubond) and never had any problem I could identify - The XP3 bullet sure did rack up a string of one shot kills in Africa though !


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