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Thread: Kodiak Blacktail Reports ?

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    Default Kodiak Blacktail Reports ?

    Greetings, I am planning a hunt to Kodiak for Blacktails and am curious how the population is after such a difficult winter. Any reports would be appreciated. I have hear that several lodges have cancelled their bookings due to low numbers. I have not spoken to anyone that has spent time in the field. Thanks in advance !
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    Its been a sad fall for deer hunting. If you've managed to find a road system buck, you've been lucky. I got one and I know of two others that have gotten bucks. Other than that, the pickings have been slim. I've actually seen more bear than deer this year. And thats with being out pretty much every weekend in deer/goat/bear country since Aug. 1st. I would think the west side of the island is faring better as that area usually gets less snow.

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    Akrstabout and I shot these 3 on Kodiak while on a goat hunt. A LOT of fat, so they're thinking its going to be another bad one this year. I guess the bucks get fatter when they feel the winter will be worse? Call it BS, but it makes sense to me since it was an early snowfall and colder summer. I guess we got lucky compared to the rest of the hunters. Deer.jpg

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    Thanks for sharing your experiences ! It is sad when there is such a dramatic winter kill. Poor buggers ! Anyhow, Great job on the deer, I am sure they will put a smile on your face more than once at the dinner table !
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