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Thread: Wobbly gun boot no more and other mods

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    Default Wobbly gun boot no more and other mods

    I thought I'd share a few simple mods that I did to my wheeler.

    My gun boot had to much wobble for my liking on rough trails and no, slowing down isn't an option, yet . So I took a piece of angle aluminum, ground the edges round, riveted it to the fender (where the boot was scuffing the fender anyway), drilled a 1/4" hole through the aluminum, and attached the gun boot with a bolt and wingnut. She's rock solid now - no more up/down and way less side to side movement! I also got a few extra pieces of foam to put inside the gun boot to take up the slop between the rifle and boot.

    I also mounted a folding army shovel to the front fender. It's out of the way and handy to grab.

    I mounted a piece of 4" sewer pipe to the back rack. I used female end caps and male threaded plugs on the ends for access. It's a great place to store the air pump, tire repair kit, tow strap, bungees, road flare, zip ties, TP, duct tape, you get the idea.

    The platform on the rear rack is mostly for the pooch.
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    Few more pics of the mods.
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    Just curious.... what did you use for a tub on your meat wagon?

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    Great idea! Thanks for sharing!
    I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.

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    The tub came with the trailer, model 24-34-FT.


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