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Thread: Crossbow Info / Invader HP

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    Default Crossbow Info / Invader HP

    Had a chance to handle a Ten Point (Wicked Ridge) Invader HP last Sat and it grew on me.
    180lbs with a attached rope draw that worked pretty slick. Only negative was it did make a little noise from the rope handles flopping around, but I think that could be taken care of with some sort of elastic sleeve I think. This unit had a 3 line scope on it and 3 shots and three turns of the knobs and I was hitting dead on at 20 yards.
    Yes, they are a bit noisy but some silencers would help tame it a bit and at 300 plus FPS I think the noise would not be much of an issue...

    Price was $549.-- but I found many at $499.-- or less if one looks around a bit.

    All in all it seemed like a decent rig for the price if someone is looking at getting a crossbow...Weight was about 6.5 lbs
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    I have one and love it. The only thing is the sling sucks big time, a buddy and mine both broke. If you put the draw rope back correctly it should not make noise. They are dead on, I really like mine. My buddy shot two Pa. deer both dropped with in 20 yds


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