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Thread: Broken Grease Zerk on an outboard?

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    Default Broken Grease Zerk on an outboard?

    Have any of you ever broken off a grease zerk on your outboard? I had the luxury of doing this for my first time today. I was easily able to extract the threaded portion that goes into the bracket. My question is are these things universal or outboard specific. It appears to be much like the ones in a u-joint.

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    Default Broken zerk

    I think a grease zerk is a grease zerk. Automotive or marine--don't think there is a difference. There are a couple of different thread sizes, but that should be easy to match.

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    The zerks for steering and whatnot should be a standard size/type. The only one that is different is the one for the bearing in a jet pump. Not sure what the difference it, but it won't accept a typical grease gun.

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