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Thread: Unit 23 results-How did you do?

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    Default Unit 23 results-How did you do?

    Well this was our first year back in Kotz Outfitting after a short lay off and I was wondering how the forum members did in unit 23.

    Personally my son and I bagged 3 nice bulls but that was in unit 13. With this being our first year back in Kotz we made the decision to only outfit a half of dozen clients so we could shake the bugs out of the new business model. Our groups were just at 80% on caribou and 50% on moose this year so I am thinking our guys did well. I talked with one of my friends who does drops and he thought this year may have been a bit down from normal years but he flew lots of big bulls out of the unit.

    Share your photos and lets get a feel for how everyone did over all. WACH is a gem and I hope most of you took home some good bulls.
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