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    Does anyone have any experience with the "pocket chainsaws" as far as how well they work on larger pieces of wood? I have used a cable saw, which was fine for small stuff, but mine tended to break easily. I am talking about the ones that look like a section of chainsaw chain with straps on each end. I am trying to make some room in my gear box and would like to leave the bow saw at home. It would be used for ocassional trail clearing or camp setup. I do have a folding bow saw, but it is limited in the size of log it will cut.

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    I tried out a friend's once and was impressed at how fast it could cut compared to a wire saw. They're more comfortable to use if you place stick handles in the rings as opposed to grabbing the rings themselves. Someone told me it's not a good idea to cut with them too fast, though, because like with all steel it can change the tempering. The only thing I didn't like was how it needed two hands to operate; I couldn't grab & control the piece of wood I was cutting.

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    They sure take a lot of energy to use, but they do cut fast. If you're looking for a really tiny saw, they do work, and don't cost much, but I prefer to use other types.


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