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Thread: Leporidea (Hare & Rabbit species)

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    Default Leporidea (Hare & Rabbit species)

    After reading some of the posts from other forums and knowing that their have been instances where domestic/pet rabbits have been let loose or ran off into the wild. I am curious if these new species will start establishing populations in those same areas.
    Knowing that there are just 2 wild species of hares, that have been identified here in Alaska. I was wondering if any others have also been observed besides these, also include domestic/feral rabbits and hares. If possible please list their (scientific name) as well. This should be interesting. Thanks.

    Showshoe Hare (Lepus Americanus)
    Alaska/Tundra Hare (Lepus Othus)

    Weblink (may help with identifying species):

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    Just wanted to add some history on domesticating rabbits: French monasteries began domesticating wild rabbit from the 6th through 10th centuries AD, although the first truly domesticated rabbits did not occur until the Middle Ages. Commercial breeding of rabbits for use as meat began in 18th century England.
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    Default Rabbit Meat Preparation

    Just had to add this link.

    USDA Fact Sheet: Meat Preparation
    Rabbit From Farm to Table

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    A little off topic, does snaring rabbits require a trapping license?

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    nope, hunting license and you are good to go!
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    I've yet to see domesticated rabbits that got loose around the Palmer Hay Flats, Rabbit Slough or Jim Lake area. However, I've seen a fair number in the South Anchorage area which isn't surprising considering the large popluation of houses. Hey, if I'm around that area that isn't populated w/ houses, and happen to have my shotgun or .22, I'll pop one of those babies! Rabbit is rabbit...just won't tell the wife I shot a rabbit that came from domesticated stock.

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    Default feral rabbits

    Middleton Island has a surviving rabbit population. I once shot 50 in one day out there....all different colotrs, red, black brown. Big too.

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