Took a flight across the inlet to go duck hunting. I thought we were going to be out of luck since we were not able to leave town till about 8:30 with the snow falling. As we were flying over though I kept seeing large flocks of geese and ducks flying around us (about 800 feet) and we were getting reports from the Anchorage Tower of other planes in the area that were showing up on their radar. We radioed them back to let them know that it was large flocks of swans, geese, and ducks that were showing up on the radar. We never did see another plane around us.

We landed in a lake and hiked over to the area we were going to hunt in and there were about 60 swans in the pond the size of a youth soccer field. It was an awesome sight to see and pretty overwhelming to hear that many swans in such a small area. There were also about 50-60 ducks mixed in with them. We shot two ducks as they took off as we approached the water. All the ducks and swans flew off to surrounding ponds and lakes.

We set up our spread of decoys and were happy to see flocks of wigeon, pintail, and other ducks coming in readily to the decoys. We ended the day a few hours latter with 1 Canvas Back, 2 Pintail, 2 scaup, and the rest were wigeons. It was a great morning to spend out on the water with family.