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Thread: Small Bore Target shooting

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    Default Small Bore Target shooting


    I'm new to Anchorage and was wondering if there are any small bore target shooters around here. It's my understanding that there isn't an indoor range in Anchorage? A big surprise given the long dark winters here.

    Could someone point me in the direction? Are there any 3 position, silhouette, or bench rest clubs/competitions? If so, is there a contact person or a schedule for events? I'm familiar with Rabbit Creek and Birchwood, just wondering if I'm missing something...


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    Default Matsu Sportsman's Club

    It has been a long time since I shot smallbore, but if I wanted to get back into it, I would start by going north to Palmer. There is an indoor range on the left of the Glenn Highway just south of town past the Parks Highway interchange. I think it is the Matsu Sportsman's Club or close to that. Others on this forum will hopefully have more leads for you, but hopefully this is a start. Good luck.

    You might also look into the high power discipline if you haven't already. I really enjoyed it for a while before other responsibilities got in the way. There are a great bunch of guys doing that up here. I can give you more information if you are interested.


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    Matsu sportsmens club has been closed the last several times I tryed to reach anyone or stopped by, I would call before making the drive.

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    Alaska Rifle Club hosts small bore prone, sb silhouette and indoor winter 4 postion league.

    call Al at 694 2201 for more info


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