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Thread: Substitute for Electric Halibut Reels

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    Default Substitute for Electric Halibut Reels

    They make a new nut for a Penn 4/0 (and more) so you can drive the reel with your cordless drill. Anybody use these, they called them "Dreels", sounds good enough for checking bait.

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    Got a link for the part?

    Also, does anyone have any thoughts on the legality of using a powered reel? I know power gurdies are illegal for sport catch, but what if it's not mounted to the boat?

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    I seen this and it's pretty neat. I don't know how well it will catch on .
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    The greatest advancement in saltwater reels lately has been in the handle/crank....the newer Shimanos and Penns have greatly improved their reel cranks.....IMHO the best in aftermarket cranks is the Reelcolor cranks....before crank improvements we went to two speed reels to make it easier for the big ones or for the lady/aged/handicapped angler......before I invest in an electric driven reel, I would upgrade my reel with one of the newer and improved models....

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    Default The beauty is

    The beauty is this is not a $200 or $500 reel attachment or a new reel. It is only a $25 add on to your existing reel to be able to have a 5/16" nut driver in your cordless drill, I'm going to use a 18dcv DeWalt. You simple put the cordless on the reel and spin your bait up.
    Don't think it's made to reel in a big fish or even a medium fish at all!!!!! It should spin it good enough for a bait check from 300 feet of water, maybe.
    site is

    Original question was, has any body ever used, it's not a handicap persons reel nor is it a large handle which I have. Look at the first picture on the web site.
    I'll buy one and later say how it worked. I've wasted more than $25 bucks before.

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    I made a cog driver to fit over my 6/0 penn's when I fished in OR./WA. Used it to reel up from 450-900 feet to check bait. I used a 12 volt drill driver because I could plug it into my boat, no battery needed. Not good for reeling fish up.
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    Thumbs up WOW they work

    I attached one and my 14v DeWalt, drug the weight up for a bait check without a problem. Guess I did that 10 times in one day. I'm going to rig up a cord to my boat battery.
    These things are worth it,


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