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Thread: Simple 50hp Jet for Interior Alaska

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    Default Simple 50hp Jet for Interior Alaska

    I'm looking to buy a simple 50HP jet for interior waters. I would like to run the Chatanika, up the Teklanika, maybe to Kantishna, etc.

    I would like to buy a 16' boat. Don't know what might work best for widths? 1652? I want a capable little boat for me and another guy.

    Also want a tunnel hull for the jet, but do I don't know if I want/need a semi V or just do I flat bottom. What are the advantages of Semi V vs flat bottom? Budget is limited, but I'm buying new.

    What brands do you guys recommend? Alweld? G3? I would like an affordable boat, but also well built.


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    I recommend you choose a longer boat. I know you spec'd 16' loa, but length is paramount with a (relatively) underpowered jet boat. The additional weight will be more than offset by the longer boat's ability to step the load. I have a 20' x 60" bottom (.188 thick) jon that will step two guys and a 4x4 quad at only 13kts. Top speed is a pitiful 22kts but I've got time, lol. By myself with 18gallons of gas I can plane at about 9kts and top out around 28. This is with the Merc 40hp jet.


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    Default Simple 50hp Jet for Interior Alaska


    I've got an 18' semi-V with a 65 jet for sale due to a upcoming move. If you're interested let me know. Don't think I can receive PMs just yet, but I'd you post back and interested I'll drop my email.


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