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Thread: Anchorage, Matsu & KP Small Stream Floods

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    Default Anchorage, Matsu & KP Small Stream Floods

    Been out of the state a few weeks and returned last night to Fairbanks. Drove down to Anchorage this evening to take a friend out for a few days of black bear hunting. Trying to catch up on all the local flooding and where not to go. Would really like to hit up the KP. Hoping some of the locals could provide a report on the overall state of the small streams. NOAA is reporting many of the KP streams are down...don't want to waste my time if it's not safe to cross on foot. Looking at a few trails off the Seward highway. If unable the KP, then was considering the Anchorage bowl or Matsu.

    Drive down from Fairbanks revealed most of the rivers and streams were up quite high.

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    Default Anchorage, Matsu & KP Small Stream Floods

    Most of the tribs draining the talkeetna I.e. parks hwy chulitna to wasilla are clearing up beginning yesterday, most of the recent rain has been on the E side of the k pen and up the su valley so things should be clearing there in a couple days though probably more slowly.

    All are still ranging from high and a bit cloudy but cleating to really high and dirty. Anchorage or Matsu probably your best bet but maybe there's a holdout stream on the k pen that someone can pm you about.


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